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EMJ Respiratory The American Medical Journal

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EMJ is excited to announce the upcoming publication of our newest journal, EMJ Respiratory The American Medical Journal. This journal, the newest in our family of 18 therapeutic areas, will share updates from the American Thoracic Society (ATS) 2023 Conference. EMJ Respiratory The American Medical Journal aims to provide a platform for physicians, scholars, and researchers based in the USA, to contribute to the rapidly advancing field of respiratory medicine.

Highlighting content from the conference, our coverage will include research abstracts, key events, and insightful interviews from key board members and experts at ATS. The independent review will provide a summary of important take home messages for those who are unable to attend in person and remind attendees of unmissable moments from this expansive conference.

Please keep an eye out for the full journal, which will be published on 4th July 2023. Click here to subscribe to EMJ Respiratory to be notified on publication day!

EMJ welcomes submissions of articles for this journal. Submit your manuscript now!

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