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The EMJ Cow Adventures: ERS 2014 Edition

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This year, our EMJ team travelled to Munich to attend and review the 24th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS). As we proudly presented our stand at the Congress, we offered those attending a free subscription to our 2014 Respiratory eJournal (which features full coverage of the congress, a selection of peer reviewed papers, and breaking news within the field) and once more brought you the icon that is the EMJ Cow.

This time, the purpose of the EMJ Cows journey to the state of Bavaria was to spread awareness of the role that dairy products can play in respiratory and asthma health; with 100-150 million people in the world suffering from asthma, current debates have recently focussed on the question of whether dairy can trigger asthma, or whether it is simply consuming dairy with an undiagnosed allergy that aggravates the disease.

The Congress was also heavily dominated by the ERS-ELF Healthy Lungs for Life campaign, which presently sits at the forefront of respiratory medicine, raising awareness of lung health to both the public and professionals within the field, including policy makers. As part of this theme, ‘Breathe Clean Air’, numerous pieces of the latest research were presented, including a variety of topics: Smoking, Pollution, Asthma, and Lung Cancer – to name but a few.

If you would like to read our full review of the congress then why not subscribe for free to receive notifications on the publishing of EMJ Respiratory 2014 in the near future?

Congratulations once again to all those who won themselves an EMJ cow. If you would like to share your experiences from the congress or photos of your new inflatable bovine in her new home, please be sure to tweet us at @EMJreviews under the hashtag #EMJCow and tag/like and share your photo on our Facebook and Twitter feed.

If you had an interesting experience at the Congress and would like to share this with your peers, we also urge you to submit a blog post to be published to thousands worldwide.

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