Challenges in Recognising Wheezing in Young Children - European Medical Journal

Challenges in Recognising Wheezing in Young Children


Watch this webinar to learn more about the latest insights in diagnosing and managing wheeze. Wheezing is the symptomatic manifestation of any disease process which causes airway obstruction. The identification of wheeze is important for the asthmatic symptom control in children and to prevent exacerbations. However, wheeze is a subjective sound and can be described in many ways. The conceptual understandings of the sound of wheeze for parents are different from epidemiology definitions. Moreover, poorly managed asthma can result in reduced quality of life for patients, a more regular need for healthcare resources, and substantial costs to public health services.


1. Diagnosing and recognising wheezing in young children – Prof. Saglani
2. Basics of management: inhaler technique, compliance, and preventive measures – Yvonne Bingham
3. Case presentation – Dr. Elizabeth Sheila Scotney

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