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The European Medical Journal Presents: EMJ Rheumatology 2019

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London, United Kingdom, July 29, 2019

EMJ Rheumatology 6.1 is published today, featuring the European Medical Journal’s independent review of EULAR 2019 alongside our in-house feature on umbilical cord blood banking and a selection of peer-reviewed articles.

The congress review section has information on all of the top breaking news from the biggest congress for rheumatology in Europe, including the link between inflammatory bowel disease, type I diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis; the effect of increased body weight on psoriatic arthritis severity; and how vagus nerve stimulation can be used to tackle rheumatological pathology. The section also features summaries of a curated selection of abstracts that were presented at EULAR. Presenters of the ground-breaking research pen their summaries of the presentation to bring the very best in rheumatology research to readers across the globe.

The peer-reviewed articles in the journal complement the breaking news from the EULAR congress. Read about postmenopausal osteoporosis, antiphospholipid syndrome, adalimumab biosimilars for immune-mediated rheumatic conditions. Our feature for this edition was written in-house by Editorial Administrator Michael Dodsworth, and informs on the current status and future potential of umbilical cord blood banking.

Assistant Editor at EMJ, Katie Earl, commented “EMJ Rheumatology 6.1 reports on this year’s EULAR congress, which our congress team felt privileged to attend. We are incredibly proud of the journal, which we feel showcases the very best in rheumatology research and hope will inspire discussion and debate on all levels.”

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