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A Joint Conversation: Treating Rheumatic Disease


The EMJ Podcast | Episode 141

Giovanni Adami, Rheumatologist at the University of Verona, Italy, joins Jonathan to discuss a range of topics, from metabolic bone disease to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, and provide an overview of causes and symptoms, as well as treatments. They further dive into the impact of rheumatoid arthritis on patients and their quality of life, as well as the association between air pollution and rheumatoid arthritis flares.

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Speaker bio:

Giovanni Adami earned a PhD in clinical and experimental biomedical sciences from the School of Life and Health Sciences at the University of Verona, Italy. In 2018, he travelled to the USA to work as a post-doctoral fellow in the Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA. Adami is a prolific author, having had more than 90 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed international journals. He is the first author in most of these publications, which are indexed in English, and the second or corresponding author on numerous others. He is the author of ‘Osteoporosis: Pathogenesis and Clinical Features’, a module that is featured in The EULAR Textbook on Rheumatic Diseases, which was published in 2020, and the EULAR On-line Course on Rheumatic Diseases. He currently works as a rheumatologist in the Department of Medicine at the University of Verona, Italy.

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