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Webinar: Acute MSK pain: how to manage symptoms and stress


Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and soft tissue injuries are very common both in sportspeople and in the general population and include different forms of traumas (sprains, strains, contusions as well as back pain) that must be properly treated to allow the return to normal life or sports activities.
From the pharmacological point of view, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) play an important role thanks to their efficacy on many forms of MSK pain, with a good benefit/risk profile.
However, pain is a complex phenomenon where psychological aspects may also have a great impact on the way we overcome it.

The aim’s of the Webinar today are:

  • To present the advances in topical NSAIDs therapy, together with the discussion of clinical cases
  • To understand the perception of pain in sportspeople and how pain and adversities can even make us stronger

This session is to be moderated by Dr. Jonathan Sackier, featuring our two speakers:

Dr. Todd StitikDepartment of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Rutgers New Jersey, Medical School, Newark, US

Dr. Luca SighinolfiPerformance Coach and Psychologist Trainer PhD, Performance & Business Psychology, Bergamo, Italy

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