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Could This New Device Diagnose Heart Attack in Minutes?

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Could This New Device Diagnose Heart Attack in Minutes?

AN INNOVATIVE sensor has been developed by researchers from both the University of Notre Dame, France and the University of Florida, USA that could diagnose a heart attack in less than 30 minutes. Currently, it could take hours for healthcare professionals to diagnose a heart attack. The use of an echocardiogram can indicate signs of heart disease, however, in order to detect heart attacks, these professionals need an additional blood sample analysis.

The present-day methodology is not time-sensitive, and requires extra time and effort to acquire the correct results, which at times could take up to 8 hours for analysis. According to researchers, this novel sensor targets a combination of miRNA and can quickly diagnose heart attack in less than an hour. The sensor targets three distinguishable types of microRNA or miRNA and uses this information to differentiate between an acute heart attack and a reperfusion. Scientists have explained that this device requires less blood than current diagnostic methods. Furthermore, the sensor has the ability to distinguish the diagnosis of a reperfusion injury and inadequate blood supply in the organs, which is currently the pending clinical need in the healthcare community.

“The technology developed for this sensor showcases the advantage of using miRNA compared to protein-based biomarkers, the traditional diagnostic target,” said Hsueh-Chia Chang, Bayer Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Notre Dame and co-author of the paper. “Additionally, the portability and cost efficiency of this device demonstrates the potential for it to improve how heart attacks and related issues are diagnosed in clinical settings and in developing countries.” The researchers confirmed that a patent application has been filed, and they are potentially working with a company to manufacture this device in the near future.

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