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Introducing EMJ Cardiology 5.1

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United Kingdom, October 12, 2017: European Medical Journal would like to welcome you to the latest edition of EMJ Cardiology. Packed with the latest research findings and opinions surrounding the human heart, this eJournal brings something truly unique. The 2017 European Society of Cardiology (ESC) annual congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, was a huge success, bringing together >31,000 attendees from all over the world, with 4,500 abstracts presented on the latest advances in cardiology therapeutics. Members of the EMJ team attended the congress and EMJ Cardiology 5.1 provides a review of the event, alongside some thorough reviews of the latest research from across the field.

The Congress Review section of the eJournal includes new insights on dietary guidelines which aim to prevent heart disease, as well as novel results from many of the latest clinical trials. Members of the EMJ Cardiology Editorial Board share their expert opinions and vast experiences as part of the inspiring interview section. Alongside these, selected abstracts from the ESC congress are summarised by the presenters themselves. Examples of the topics covered include new findings surrounding myocardial inflammation biomarkers, new advances in acute atrial fibrillation, and much more.

The latter half of the journal is dedicated to cutting-edge, peer-reviewed articles, one of which is penned by Simpson et al., focussing on ectopic beats of the heart. The authors described how the condition, although largely asymptomatic, may possess clinical importance. They compile evidence insisting that the condition should not be overlooked by the treating physician. Another article authored by Goel et al. looks into the future of bioresorbable coronary scaffolds; these devices were produced as an attempt to overcome the complications which arise from the use of traditional stents. The authors build on existing knowledge surrounding the design of the device, and highlight that they still come with their own complications, resulting in an extensive review of this much-needed piece of equipment. These are just two of many high-quality articles presented in this journal. Available online now:

Zoë Webster, Publisher at EMJ, expressed her excitement for the new eJournal: “This year’s ESC Congress really has exceeded expectations for ground-breaking research in cardiology. EMJ Cardiology 5.1 brings readers the best from the event and even more, providing the highest quality research in the field, which will contribute greatly to modern cardiology therapeutics.”


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