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Time to trade in the traditional marketing model?

Series 06: episode 04

Tune in to the latest instalment of the GOLD podcast, which sees Isabel and Jade present a conversation with Rick Hollis, Director of Business Excellence, Ipsen, about his views on how the pharmaceutical industry’s customer engagement model needs to grow and evolve.

Discover the highs and lows of creating meaningful marketing interactions with this week’s guest as Rick explores the evolution of customer engagement, his top tips for creating more enticing communications, his vision for a customer experience utopia and more.

A little more on GOLD’s guest…

Rick Hollis is Director of Business Excellence at Ipsen, a role he has held for almost a year. Prior to joining Ipsen, Rick began his career in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical sales representative. He then went on to gain 20 years’ experience in pharma sales and marketing in the oncology, haematology and neuroscience fields. More recently, he has been turning his attention to how the customer experience can be fine-tuned.

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