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EMJ Hepatology 6.1 Now Available

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United Kingdom, May 31, 2018

EMJ Hepatology 6.1 has arrived. This impressive eJournal marks the European Medical Journal’s third specialist publication to be released this year, following the success of EMJ Innovations 2.1 and EMJ Urology 6.1. As well as a host of peer-reviewed articles, this new edition contains a thorough review of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) International Liver Congress (ILC), which this year took place in Paris, France, from the 11th–15th of April.

‘The Home of Hepatology’

Dubbed the ‘Home of Hepatology’, ILC 2018 was a roaring success, with a huge variety of specialist sessions and lectures on offer for all to enjoy. Delegates arrived in record numbers from all over the world to share the very latest research, much of which is recorded within the pages of EMJ Hepatology 6.1. With a thorough review of the congress itself, including the opening ceremony, key breakthroughs, and poster sessions, this eJournal presents a snapshot of the event’s most captivating developments. Research highlights shared in this section include revelations in liver dialysis technology, the very latest in immunotherapy research for hepatocellular carcinoma, updates on national programmes for the elimination of hepatitis C, and much more.

Vibrant Poster Summaries

As always, the ILC featured a wonderful medley of research posters on a huge variety of topics. In this issue of EMJ Hepatology, some of ILC’s most notable abstracts have been showcased as part of the Abstract Reviews section, with the summaries of the presentations penned by the study authors themselves. Not only do the authors relay their findings, they also share some of the discussion that arose following their presentations, giving a full and well-rounded impression of the congress itself.

Three Interviews, Three Specialities, One Passion

Throughout the entire eJournal, EMJ Hepatology 6.1 captures the unified, driven spirit of the hepatological community, and nowhere is this better expressed than in the Editorial Board interviews. From three very different backgrounds, a trio of EMJ Hepatology Editorial Board members share their thoughts on the latest research, their career paths, and their hopes for the future of hepatology, never once losing sight of the paramount goal that all hepatologists share: ensuring the best treatment and outcomes for patients with liver disease are achieved.

The Cutting-Edge of Hepatology Research

No issue of EMJ Hepatology would be complete without a broad selection of peer-reviewed articles. From papers on rare conditions, like primary hepatic angiosarcoma, to more recognisable diseases, such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma, this eJournal contains something for every hepatology specialist to enjoy and learn from.

With so much on offer, the team at the European Medical Journal are thrilled to invite you all to enjoy this exciting eJournal. “Following such an invigorating ILC, compiling EMJ Hepatology 6.1 has been a real pleasure,” stated Spencer Gore, CEO of the European Medical Journal. “We hope that the variety held within its pages will encourage great discussion among colleagues and encourage even greater attendance at the ILC next year.”

Read it here: https://www.emjreviews.com/hepatology/journal/emj-hepatology-6-1-2018/


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