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Role of Nuclear Receptors in Spontaneous and Recurrent Miscarriage

Reproductive Health
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*Julia Knabl,1 Aurelia Vattai,1 Brigitte Ziegelmüller,2 Nina Ditsch,1 Udo Jeschke1

The authors have declared no conflicts of interest.

EMJ Repro Health. ;1[1]:95-100. DOI/10.33590/emjreprohealth/10311279.
liver X receptor (LXR), Miscarriage, nuclear receptor, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR), recurrent miscarriage, retinoid X receptor (RXR), thyroid hormone receptor (THR)

Each article is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 License.


Although early pregnancy loss is a common complication of human reproduction, a significant proportion of miscarriages still happen for unknown reasons. Nuclear receptors are key players in trophoblast invasion and metabolism; therefore, their agonists and ligands are a promising target for the prevention of miscarriage. This review gives an overview of the existing data and literature concerning the involvement of nuclear receptors in maintaining a viable pregnancy.

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