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Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Effective for Radiation-Induced Cystitis?

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HEMATURIA and urinary symptoms associated with radiation-induced cystitis are reduced with hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) treatment, according to new research based on data from the Multicenter Registry for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Consortium. The study focused on changes in patient-reported symptoms before and after HBO2 treatment, focusing on hematuria, urinary function, and quality of life.   

In this study, 470 patients with radiation cystitis completed several self-report assessments such as the modified Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) Hematuria Scale, Urinary Distress Inventory Short Form, and EuroQol Five Dimension Five Level instrument. There was a significant increase in overall enhancement in the quality of life with HBO2 treatment, with an increase of 0.02 (P < .001) on EuroQol Five Dimension Five Level scores. Furthermore, the analysis of RTOG hematuria scores demonstrated a substantial improvement from a median of 0 to 2 (p<.001) among 370 patients with complete data. Similarly, Urinary Distress Inventory Short Form ratings decreased significantly from 33.3 to 22.2 (p< .001) among 246 patients. Regression analysis revealed that patients with visible hematuria prior to HBO2 treatment showed less improvement in hematuria when presenting higher baseline hematuria scores, a history of smoking, or a non-prostate cancer background.  

The findings suggest that HBO2 treatment holds promise in ameliorating the symptoms of radiation cystitis, including hematuria, urinary function, and overall quality of life. However, the study also highlights the influence of certain factors, such as baseline hematuria scores, smoking history, and cancer type, on the efficacy of HBO2 treatment. This research provides valuable insights into the potential of HBO2 as a therapeutic option for managing radiation cystitis symptoms and improving the well-being of affected individuals. 



Moses RA et al. Patient-reported outcome measures following hyperbaric oxygen therapy for radiation cystitis: early results from the multicenter registry for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. J Urol. 2024;211(6):765-774. 

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