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Editorial Board

Each of our EMJ therapeutic area journals has its own dedicated Editorial Board. For our interdisciplinary, flagship journal, EMJ, the Editorial Board is made up from selected members from across all of our therapeutic journal Editorial Boards. To find out more about who sits on each Editorial Board, please take a look at the individual journal’s Editorial Board web page.

Why Join the Editorial Board?

  • We are filling a gap in the existing medical publishing literature by rapidly disseminating all the latest news from major European congresses shortly after the event. You can learn more by reading the Congress Review section of our journals.
  • We are happy to promote the work of any of our Editorial Board members, whether this is a recently published paper or a new initiative. Our main social media channel reaches over 24,000, and our combined reach across all our social media channels is >100,000.
  • We offer the opportunity to contribute to the journal and get your voice out there through submitting an original review or research paper, an opinion-based feature article, or by taking part in an interview. Our interviews with Editorial Board members section is often one of the most popular sections of the journal and the in-house editorial team certainly enjoys reading all of the answers!
  • Sitting on the Editorial Board offers you an opportunity to suggest hot topics in the field and recommend authors. If there is a topic you feel is particularly overlooked or could do with more attention, an Editorial Board position gives you the chance to promote this topic.

What we Look for in an Editorial Board Member

The following are guidelines; EMJ considers individual applications on a case-by-case basis, so if you feel you have something to offer then please do get in touch. You can apply to be an Editorial Board member by emailing [email protected]. Please attach a copy of your CV.

  • Enthusiasm for the role and willingness to devote your time. Although we do not require a huge time commitment from Editorial Board members we do ask that you are confident you can meet this commitment.
  • Someone with expertise in the subject and who is well-published in the field.
  • Experienced in peer review and able to review papers.
  • Have a network of colleagues to assist in peer review. We appreciate that you may be very busy and also may not specialise in a particular topic. Therefore, having a large network of colleagues you can recommend as peer reviewers can be helpful.
  • Ideally, although this is not essential, you regularly attend the major European congress for your speciality. This is when we endeavour to meet our Editorial Board members in person and thank them for the hard work they do, and discuss future developments and ideas for the journal, so it is helpful if they are able to attend.

See our Editorial Board description for more information on the role and expectations of an Editorial Board Member.